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Natural Nails

  • Spa Manicure $30 (45 minutes) Basic nail care with nail shaping,  and conditioning of cuticles , moisturizing hand cream , base coat, choice of extended wear nail color color, and shiny top coat.
  • Spa Manicure with Nail Treatment $35 (45 minutes- 1 hour)
  • French Manicure $35 (60 minutes) Regular manicure with base coat, choice of French polishes and shiny top coat.
  • Gel Manicure $45 (60 minutes) Spa manicure with gel base coat, choice of gel color, and gel top coat.(additional $5 to removal old gel polish)
  • Healing Spa Manicure $50 (90 minutes) This manicure is all about the transition from enhancements to your natural nails concentrating on bringing your natural nails back to life with moisturizing and fortifying nail treatments.
  • Precision Polish Change $10 (10 minutes)- Accent your nails with your  choice of color, neatly applied with base coat and shiny top coat.
  • Gel Polish Added to Any Service $15 and up

  • Nail Art
  • Hand Nail Designs $3 per nail + up ( 5 minutes +)
  • 3-D Nails / Jewels $5 per nail + up
  • Ridiculous Rhinestones $8 per nail + up

Pampering Pedicures

  • Express Pedi $30 (30 minutes) my express pedicure -soak feet for 5 minutes, nail shaping, and conditioning of cuticles with polish.
  • Perfect Spa Pedicure $50 (45 minutes)   Your feet will be emerged   into a soothing foot bath with callus treatment, condition your nails and cuticles , ex foliated with a moisturizing scrub and ends with a sensual massage using Foot Logix Pedicure System finishing with a base coat, choice of polish, and shiny topcoat.
  • Diabetic Pedicure  $55 (60 Minutes) this pedicure has been created for any client that suffers from diabetes
  • French Pedicure $60 (60 Minutes) with Perfect Spa Pedicure

I reserve the right to refuse service to any client that has a condition that requires medical treatment !!!

  • Collaborating Combos

  • Spa Manicure and Pedicure (2 hours) $70
  • Gel Manicure with Spa Pedicure (2 hours) $85
  • Spa Pedicure and Acrylic fill (2 hours) $80 + up
  • Spa Pedicure and Gel fill (2 hours) $85  
  • Acrylic fill and toe polish change $55 and up
  • Spa Manicure with Toe Polish Change $45 +up

Applications of Enhancements

  • Full Set of Acrylics $50  + up (60 minutes)
  • Full Set of Gels $60 (60 minutes)
  • Stiletto, Almond, Coffin, Ballerina,Oval and etc. Shaped Tips w/ acrylic $60 +up (75 minutes)
  • Tips w/ Pink and White Acrylic Overlays $65 (75 minutes)
  • Acrylic Overlays $45 (60 minutes)
  • Pink and White Acrylic Overlays $55 ( 60 minutes)
  • Pink and White Sculptured Nails $75 and up (75 minutes)
  • Gel Overlays $55 (60 minutes)
  • Tips with Silk Wrap $55 (60 minutes)

Maintenance of Enhancements

  • Acrylic Fill $40 + up (45-60minutes)
  • Gel Fill $40 + up (50 minutes)
  • Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish $55 (60 minutes)
  • Acrylic Fill with 4 Hand painted nail designs $50 and up (60 minutes plus)
  • Silk Wrap Maintenance $35 (45 minutes)
  • Nail clipping/ Reshaping $10 (10 minutes)

A La Carte

  • Soak Off Enhancements $10 additional
  • Nail  Treatments $8+ up
  • Nail Repairs $7 +up
  • Gel Removal $15

My products? They're always non toxic.
My tools? They're always medically sanitized.
My Mani/Pedi ? They always include luxury add-ons.

Please follow the instructions to make an appointment

-All New Appointments must secure an appointment with a $25 non-refundable deposit.

-Call me directly and request an appointment at (240)832-2926.

-After we have scheduled your desired time and service you will have 24 hours to pay a deposit of $25  that goes toward your services via Pay pal.


-I will receive a notification from Pay pal once your deposit has been made.

-All appointments must be canceled 24 hours ahead to reschedule to avoid losing your deposit. This deposit can go towards your next service.

Late arrivals will not be accepted also.

Click here to leave deposit for appointment/ cancellation fee .

If there are any questions, please call or text me at 240-832-2926.